Psychic Skool

For the person who wants to explore spirituality and find out the purpose of their connection (even if you’ve chosen to block spirit previously).

This 6 month training will be like nothing you have ever experienced before – an opportunity for you to develop and and embrace your gift, even if you feel like your gift isn’t strong enough and you don’t believe you will receive messages clearly.

My darling one aren’t you feeling it’s time to…


Stop rationalising your experiences

Stop wondering if you’re gifted

Stop thinking you aren't strong enough to develop

Stop worrying what everyone will think of you

Stop putting pressure on yourself before you have even started

Wouldn’t it feel better to develop and embrace this incredible part of you?

And allow it to energise and enhance every aspect of your life…?

I spent years hiding my gifts, scared to go to sleep at night, knowing and feeling I was so different to everyone else. I thought there was something wrong with me the visions I would see, the lights around peoples heads the Spirits standing in the corners of rooms, the temperature changes, the sudden over powering smells that nobody else could smell.

I tried to suppress my gift and “Block it out”


which resulted in headaches, they were so bad I was referred to a Neurologist and no surprise he found nothing! I remember him saying you’re not stressed, your bloods are normal, scans clear and you have 20/20 vision…

Fast forward to 2003…

After a near death experience whilst giving birth to my eldest daughter I decided Spirit might not be so awful. I remember it so clearly there were hundreds of Spirits in the birthing room all smiling and chatting amongst themselves. I thought they had come to get me, but no they were there to protect me.

I knew this because the more of them that appeared, the more suddenly the medical dramas were calming down – the Doctors were baffled

I spent the next 17 years developing my gift, searching for support and a teacher to help me.

This wasn’t easy.

I was faced with stuffy old fashioned Spiritualist churches, crystal balls, tarot cards.

I was so frustrated I couldn’t find a group or practice I could relate to, so I read numerous books, practised readings, connected to my guides and built a slow steady deep connection and finally stepped out publicly with my psychic activation process in 2017.

Fast forward to today and my gift has allowed me to connect thousands of people just like you with their spirit guides and to activate their psychic senses. I’ve become a go-to expert and I am well known for my gift all over the world.

This has allowed me to:

  • Build a global following of 185,000 people across social media (you can find me on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and YouTube) 
  • Be featured in the media such as The Daily Mail, The Sun, Fabulous, ED, Now and New magazines
  • Get booked for celebrity private events
  • Have numerous repeat celebrity clients
  • Win a Spiritual Halo award for Spiritual Excellence
  • Be interviewed on The Transection, Lets talk about Woo, Money in the hands of Conscious Women, The Empaths Revolution, You Spiritual Badass and Spiritually Speaking podcasts and so many more…
  • Attend the National TV awards and experience being papped by the papparazzi

 And what lights me up the most is that I have been able to create and teach a programme that has helped hundreds of spirit curious souls connect the dots and understand the messages their guides have been trying to send them all along, to develop their gift and embrace spirtualism their own way


My process works for everyone and it will work for you too

I have come a long way from hiding under my bed covers throwing holy water on myself. (Yes – it was that Scary for me).


It hasn’t been an easy journey and that’s why I am so passionate about helping others because it really doesn’t have to be that way, this truly IS a gift (when you understand how exactly to embrace it)

Listen beautiful, I know right now, you will be experiencing some, if not all of these…

  • Fatigue causing you to feel so drained you can’t even begin to connect to your own desires – let alone spirit
  • Often feeling unwell – suffering from headaches, body pains and in your ears (did you know this could be due to absorbing everyone’s emotions and your guides trying to get through to you?)
  • Feeling unfulfilled, going about your day thinking there has to be more to life than this
  • Confused in normal situations, questioning yourself over simple choices and feeling anxious about what others will think
  • Searching for somewhere you belong, because everytime you try to fit in, you still feel like you don’t belong…

And my darling, if we were to meet up in person and have a conversation about Spiritual development, I can predict the first sentence you would say to me:

You’re going to think I’m crazy but…” 

I would then smile as I always do…


Because I KNOW you’re gifted

Imagine if you could finally embrace who you are at soul level and know your life purpose, feel accomplished, certain that every decision is the right one for you and that you’re truly on the right path…

 So that you can finally say goodbye to:

Being scared of Spirit

The endless sleepless nights, closing your eyes, seeing faces and when you finally fall asleep experiencing vivid, weird dreams that you can’t explain

Being confused as to how to use this gift…

Finally figure out what you are supposed to do with it and why Spirit are nudging you

Doubting your sanity

All the times you have to ask yourself things like,did I just see a shadow?” Or asking the people around you, “do you smell smoke?” yet they look at you blankly…

And then there are the times you wonder “where was that thing I just put down?!” (Yep Spirit move things!)

Feeling fatigued

Even though you are able to rest and sleep, you still feel exhausted

Constantly feeling unwell

Depsite looking after your health and wellbeing

Imagine saying goodbye to all of that and welcoming a life where you can truly:


Understand who you really are and what your purpose is 

Receive actual guidance from your own Spirit team

Be so connected and finally feel understood 

What my client Carina said…

I decided to enroll with Katie’s Psychic school as felt drawn to her and wanted to development more of an understanding on what I experience and how to develop my gift. I love psychic school and how Katie is so open and natural. The support from everyone is amazing no matter what part of your journey your on. 

Katie is so supportive and so lovely as a mentor and explains everything and makes sure you understand everything she discusses. 

My advice to anyone considering developing their gift is to go for it. There is so much to benefit from it and nothing to lose even if only for your own well being. Katie is amazing 😻


This is for you if…

  • You have had spiritual experiences like ringing in your ears, waking up at 3am, seeing faces when you close your eyes or you saw Spirit as a child. 
  • You’re looking to build a connection to your Spirit Guides so that you can understand your life purpose, why you have your gift and support others in the way you’re meant to. 
  • You want to understand if you are gifted because it will help you know what your purpose is… Often Spiritual souls drift and never fully feel connected or understood. 
  • You’re looking to explore the type of gift you have so that you can enhance it and develop it you are ready to see where it takes you. 
  • You have an interest in spiritualism and are curious whether you can develop a gift. 
  • You would like to stop absorbing peoples energies and understand how to keep yourself safe in environments that trigger you
  • You want to deepen your intuition and in doing so increase your confidence to trust yourself and take action with confidence. 
  • You would like to connect to spirit for guidance, to help you make decisions on your life path. No more wasting time. 
  • You want to have the love, support and strong connection to Spirit to enable them to protect and guide you on a deeper level

It is not for you if…

  • You think Spiritualism is dark
  • You are a skeptic
  • You’re not open to the endless possibilities Spirit can bring when you know how to connect fully you’re guided on every aspect of your life. 
  • You don’t believe working with Spirit would allow you collapse time and receive more of what you truly want. 

What my client said…

Katie brings so much guidance love and truth. Which I love it’s an amazing course and you learn something new each time.

This lady has really inspired me to follow my dreams where I I had a brick wall cause I was scared but watching and following her gave me the push and to be able to pay in installments was a massive help. It’s an amazing chance for you all to follow your spiritual dream your in here for a reason go and grab this amazing opportunity love and light to you all.

If you’re resonating feeling excited and ready to work with me to develop your gift then lean in beautiful because here is how we can work together…

What you get in Psychic Skool…

Over the next 6 months myself and spirit will have you developed in the following areas…

  • Connection to your spirit guides
  • Understanding how to connect personally
  • Your spiritual purpose – you’ll understand exactly what you are supposed to do with this ability…
  • Your strongest psychic sense and how you can recieve the strongest connection 
  • Receiving guidance for you personally taking confident steps towards your life choices, relationships and money flow. 

Over the past 20 years I have identified why some people don’t make a strong connection and why some do. 

What I share in psychic school has now helped over 300 students to full spiritual connection and it will give you the tools to know your gift, understand your EXACT connection process and have you receiving from your guides, even if you had LIMITING BELIEFS about your gift before

 Spirit ignite your intuition when you are working with your most activated ability. 

Once you know how to identify this and when to put this into a connection practice, it will give you the real breakthrough with your gift and we will maximize the energy as we also open ways for you to communicate with your guides, loved ones and your higher self 

I know this because since I started acting on my own personal guidance I developed a multiple 6 figure business that has helped over 300 students to feel more balanced and connected, be more understood and have more energy, guidance and peace

I only work with the purest of spiritual guidance, you will not only be completely safe but energized, empowered and finally receiving the support thats available to you.

How do I support you?

We will explore your gifts together in REAL TIME on Facebook live trainings. You’ll have my help with:

  • Connection practices together we will work out which is best for you
  • Energy recharge practices that will allow you to keep cleansed, focused and open to receive. 
  • Putting your spiritual skills to the test and allowing yourself to see how much you actually can read and see your gift develop over time
  • Understanding how to have your guides easily translating their guidance to you

Plus so much more…

The beauty of this is you will pay ONCE & receive lifetime support!!! YES THATS RIGHT!!! You can repeat the trainings live with me every time we restart the Skool.

This is because I receive constant upgrades in my own abilities and understandings and I want to share this insight with you so you can expand too.

You will have all the tools and Spiritual insight that will have you shining brighter than the Ready Brek kid…(remember him?)

What my client Lisa said…

Frequently asked questions

“What are the possible outcomes for me if I join Pyschic School Katie?”

Many of my students ask me this. The truth is the possibilities are endless when you have your gift developed. You can tune into the situations around you and ask for guidance.

You can tune in to receive support for yourself and others… 

Whether you are an accountant or an airhostess, a builder or beyonce, with your gifts activated you are simply stronger, more powerful, confident and person in every aspect of your life 

A lot of the people I work with do decide on a complete career change that they pursue on both a full and part time basis. 

Things like: 

  • Becoming a Psychic and offering everything from private readings to speaking on stage 
  • Becoming a healer working with everyone from children and babies to the elderly or even animals 
  • Becoming an energy coach and helping anyone from yoga teachers to corporate leaders manage their field and be able to regulate with a sense of calm

Or maybe you could see yourself becoming a spiritual teacher, sharing with others how they can access this life-changing gift, like I have? 

I have clients that have gone from stay at home parents, without an income, to five figure months, whilst never feeling more energized and connected to their families 

How does it work?

When you sign up to the course you will be added to an online platform where you will have instant access to the bonus material. You will also be emailed a link to join the Facebook support group where you will be able to introduce yourself and meet some of your peers.


How does the course run?

We have a LIVE session every Monday evening at 7.00pm (UK time for 60mins) plus you will be able to ask me questions on the LIVE Q&A sessions in the private Facebook group. As we get further into the trainings we will also have face to face group zoom sessions (don’t worry all time zones will be taken into consideration) where you can explore your gift further whilst receiving personal guidance from me. There will be test subjects and guest speakers too. It is NOT essential you attend LIVE, you will still connect.

  How long is the course?

The course runs for 6 months but lifetime access. Bonus material on a course dashboard and main training in a private Facebook group. 

How long will I have access for?

You will have access to the content for life, including any additional bonus or updates made to the course. The Facebook group, live zoom and fb live q&a’s support is available to you for as long as the course continues to run. You will always be supported, I don’t believe in leaving you all after the course ends.

What if I want to speak to you directly on a 1:1 basis?

That would be amazing! To do this you will need to select VIP option as this package has access to me directly plus 1:1 private sessions. This is suitable for those wishing to become a Psychic as a full time career.

How do I know if I have a gift?

Please be honest with yourself and not fearful, some people take longer than others to develop. Working with Spirit will enhance every aspect of your life. You will feel content, calmer, understand yourself, have access to your spiritual team for guidance. We will explore together where your abilities are. If you’re still unsure please download my spiritual checklist.





You will receive access to Psychic Skool course content

(Access for Course lifetime)

LIVE support for course lifetime
Telegram Private Group chat

Talk Spirit to Me – The Membership


12 X $80


You will receive access to Psychic Skool course content

(Access for course lifetime)

LIVE support for course lifetime
Telegram Private Group chat

Talk Spirit to Me – The Membership





All of the above PLUS…

Access to all of the following courses…

6 figure spiritual business – Building the business

Spiritually seen – Socials

Circle Power – Development circle – 2 per month 

Wealthy Lightworker- Deserving of money

Fast Track to Spirit – Speeding up the connection

Releve – Confidence – Energy balancing

Specific Guidance for you from Katie & Spirit



VIP Installments

$915pm x 3

Still Unsure???


 I COMPLETELY understand I used to sit in circle at the Spiritual church with one eye open just incase anything jumped out on me. 

I would drive home in the dark praying nothing was in the car with me. 

I worried I would attract a horrible energy and my poor children would have this in our home.

I also worried I was imaging the whole thing and was there a chance I was actually just plain crazy??? 

However I can honestly say that embracing my gift has set me free, emotionally, physically and financially. I appreciate the small things in life as they’re the big things. I have a heightened appreciation for life and all it brings. I find beauty where people see darkness.

As you can see from my own stories and what my clients have shared…

You have nothing to fear and everything to gain, Spirit bring such love, light and happiness. 

You will adore the messages, the meditations, the practices. You will learn so much about yourself and feel lighter and freer than ever before…

Still Unsure?“ See What My Clients are Saying”

Katie’s course was amazing, so easy and efficient. I joined and absolutely loved how simple it was.

There is so much information and knowledge. Katie is lovely and her delivery is golden.

I highly recommend her courses, I am a Psychic Medium and I struggled with imposter syndrome and the confidence.

I also had major issues with protection and understanding all if the spiritual jargon. Katie makes it simple and fills her work with love 💗💗💗


I have learned so much from doing this course and have become far more confident about what I see, hear and feel from spirit. 

I am still developing and learning but it is like everything else in life you have to keep practicing to become good at it.

If someone asked me what I think an Angel looks like in human form I would have no hesitation in saying they look like Katie. 

She has a beautiful spirit and is so kind and caring and she makes you feel so welcome and she is absolutely gorgeous!  I always feel good about myself when I have been around Katie.

Thank you Katie for guiding me and helping me to continue developing my gift. Sending lots of love and light


I discovered spirituality, and the symptoms of an awakening. I spent lockdown researching into it, and was drawn to finding Katie on Facebook.

I didn’t hesitate to sign up for Katie’s Psychic Skool. In just 6 months, I’ve gone from feeling lost, fatigued, low self esteem, unsure of what I really wanted — to feeling energised and so much happier. I even started my own little business, and learnt so much about myself and my spiritual gifts.

Katie is so supportive and knowledgeable — I could listen to her all the time. The course content is great: you can learn at your own pace and join the other students in a private Facebook group, where you can share your experiences.

I would recommend Katie to everyone for both personal and professional development. Psychic Skool has taught me a lot about spirituality, helped me understand and develop my gifts, and encouraged me to connect with other spiritual souls.


I have recently completed psychic skool level 1 and 2 and it has been absolutely amazing. Katie has been so supportive and is so knowledgeable and approachable. I have learned so much about spirituality and mediumship but also about myself.

The course is packed full of amazing content which is well explained and you can work through it at your own pace. The Facebook groups for the students are also great to get peer support and meet like minded people. My intuition has strengthened so much as has my connection to spirit and my mediumship abilities are growing every day.

Katie is a beautiful soul and has the most vibrant and uplifting energy. Anyone who is thinking of doing a course should definitely go for it as it is an amazing opportunity that will massively help you develop not only your abilities but also on a personal level as well. Thank you Katie.


When starting the course I thought I knew how to read but lacked structure with it. The course has taught me so much more and gave me the belief to continue with courage and compassion. I often struggle with my self esteem when it comes to this type of work as it often feels so intangible and I struggle without results but what Katie has shown is that the results are there and we are the helping hands in producing these results. Katie is positive and offers constant support and guidance and she’s not afraid to be honest with you about it. I’ve loved it and will be sad when it’s over


After a chance meeting with Katie at her Psychic Afternoon Tea Event I realised that I should embark upon trying to understand the strong feelings I have and have had for many years … this led me to Level 1 and then the fabulous Level 2 course … I’m not sure quite how to put into words just how ground breaking this has been for me … finally I have been able to make sense of so many things and now have the tools to develop further … Katie has obviously spent many years understanding her own gift and has such passion in her teaching to spread the knowledge, she is a beautiful … vibrant … fun … generous soul and her happy energy radiates. I would advise anyone who feels they have a gift to take part in this course … it is a gentle step by step way of understanding another beautiful side of life and is uncomplicated and very comforting … genuinely you won’t look back

Thank you so so much for allowing me to do this. I am extremely emotional today, I feel like my best friend is moving away or something lol, it’s so silly.

You have impacted my life more than you will ever know honey. At a time when I was recovering from a near death experience and felt this deep spiritual connection I found your page without looking for it and then the money to be able to do it appeared for me after a free slot machine spin online! One free spin ended up winning me over £400 so I booked up straight away. I know I was meant to find you.

You are an absolute angel and I just think the world of you. Thank you for everything



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