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Katie is a psychic medium with a difference, not only is her clientele list full of celebrities she channels her own psychic development activations to support, guide & activate those looking to connect to Spirit. Having struggled to find spiritual support with her gift she has dedicated her time to creating Psychic Skool – an online platform to provide lifetime training to those wishing to explore their gifts & spirituality.

It was such a pleasure and delight to meet Katie. Once she had opened the spirit gates and the message came through it was unreal.

I felt over whelmed and fully enjoyed the experience.

Will be having another 1:1 in due course.

Thank you Katie , you’re amazing


 She also works closely with multiple six figure female entrepreneurs using her gift to uncover where they can grow, prosper, and develop in every area of their lives, not just business.  Katie also provides training on how to incorporate the spiritual practices alongside strategy, this is where her clients rocket fuel and become incredibly powerful.


Katie’s mission is to change the way spiritualism is perceived in the media and wants to activate as many gifted souls to connect, share & step into becoming wealthy multiple 6 figure lightworkers. Katie welcomes her followers to embrace spirituality into their everyday life to enable them to become spiritually rich.

Katie’s course was amazing, so easy and efficient. I joined and absolutely loved how simple it was. There is so much information and knowledge. Katie is lovely and her delivery is golden.

I highly recommend her courses, I am a Psychic Medium and I struggled with imposter syndrome and the confidence.

I also had major issues with protection and understanding all if the spiritual jargon. Katie makes it simple and fills her work with love 💗💗💗

Hey my lovelies,

“I am so delighted you are here, thank you for taking the time to visit my website.

I adore working with spirit they are literally my best friends and have all the answers.

I take my gift very seriously and ensure the messages I pass on are correct and thorough.

I love developing those with psychic ability its so beautiful to watch them finally understand who they are at soul level.

I also believe that we deserve to have major success in business without the struggle, I believe you get to be spiritually rich. Rich in the monetary form and rich with contentment.

We can have it all and I believe you deserve it all too.”


Katie & Spirit


Work with Me

30 Min
Online Reading


60 Min
Online Reading



Let’s delve deep into your offers, your social media, your limitations and give you an exact plan to move your business forward – Channeled directly to me from your Spirit Guides.




We are going to activate your connection, flow and receptive energy…






12 Months access to Mastermind





To think last year I could only dream of developing & becoming a Psychic Medium 🥰 It’s real oh so real!

I can’t thank Katie enough ❤️ I will be forever grateful for eternity ❤️


Ultimate VIP

6 months

Bi weekly – 90min 1:1 intensives on zoom
Unlimited contact in Voxer – voice app
Access to Mastermind

All programs

(that take place during your six months)

Email: hello@katiehelliwellpsychicmedium.com for details)

Investment – $16K

Ultimate VIP

12 months

Bi weekly – 90min 1:1 intensives on zoom
Unlimited contact in Voxer – voice app
Access to Mastermind

All programs
Wealthy Lightworker
How to build a 6 figure Spiritual business
Fast track to Spirit

3 night luxury European break

(Email: hello@katiehelliwellpsychicmedium.com for details)

Investment – $33K


 You will connect with your Spirit guides, receive guidance, understand your psychic abilities, be able to protect your energy and so much more…Its absolutely incredible…





Katie brings so much guidance love and truth. Which I love it’s an amazing course and you learn something new each time.

This lady has really inspired me to follow my dreams where I I had a brick wall cause I was scared but watching and following her gave me the push and to be able to pay in installments was a massive help. It’s an amazing chance for you all to follow your spiritual dream your in here for a reason go and grab this amazing opportunity love and light to you all.

I just wanted to thank you for last night. The session was quite moving for me it came as a bit of a surprise.

I really could feel you lifting me up. It’s quite exciting where it might lead.

Thank you.x


Katie, as always, worked her gorgeous grace and held space for me beautifully. Trusting Katie, helps me to further connect and trust myself with my guides.

Here’s onto the next level….with Katie and Spirit


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