I meet so many people with a spiritual gift! Yet they are terrified to use it. I can totally understand this, I was the exactly the same for many years. 


When I was a child the only place I felt safe and secure from spirit was in mass. I come from an Irish Catholic family and every Sunday my Daddy and my Grandad Sam would take me. If we were on holiday we still went, I can’t begin to tell you how amazing it was to hear mass being read in different languages. 


I loved my Grandad Sam he was an incredible man. So kind and always happy!! He used to buy me these fruity hard boiled sweets that had soft centres. I never had the heart to tell him I didn’t like them as he always gave me extra. 


Grandad Sam was a singer he would go on holiday with my Nanny Madge to Butlins sing “My Way” by Frank Sinatra on the stage then make us all watch the recording over and over again to see where he could improve.  


I loved the church we went to, the smell, the statues the holy water. I would look forward to  it, I would look around at the congregation and  read them. Then panic and pray spirit would  leave me alone!! The hymns would give me goosebumps my favourite was “How great thou art” I would sing it with such passion. 


The best part about Church was the Catholic shop! Oh how I loved it!! As soon as the last prayer was said I would turn to daddy and say “Can I go to the shop, pleasseeee” I think my daddy found it amusing so we would all go to the Catholic shop which was a shed outside in the car park. Every week I would buy holy water, statues, beads, prayer cards and pop them by my bed. 


My bedroom looked like a holy shrine, every night I would pray “Please go away spirits, I want to be like everyone else” I would then put holy water on myself and then sleep with one eye open and the covers up to my ears. 


To this day I use rosary beads for protection I still regularly pray but I now thank God, Spirit, angels and universe for my gift….thank goodness they never left me…..