How to Build a Six Figure

Spiritual Business

 I can’t believe I am writing this! Little me a multiple 6 figure earner with an international Spiritual business. I’m now in a position to show others how to do the same.

 When I stepped out publicly with my gift I hadn’t even thought for a second that this would be possible. I had so many weird money issues (that I was totally unaware of) I was just in – I want to share my gift and be able to contribute to the family mode.


For years I held back on sharing my abilities as I was of the mindset I would have to always continue working a “normal” job in addition to Spiritual work and look after my girls/Mr H. I had tried this combo many times and burnt out frequently.

I know if you are reading this you will either be currently in a similar position or totally unsure how to build from your skills to reach more souls.

I know what its like to have a gift and feel unsure how to scale out

I know how scary it can be to step into the business world

I know it can be hard to be seen and heard above the noise

I know how difficult it can be to charge your worth

I know how overwhelming it can be to manage cash flow and business finances

I know how hard it can be to be consistent

I know how hard it can be look after you and your energy

I know how hard it can be to make decisions and trust guidance

It might all feel out of reach right now, it might feel like you are about to climb a big mountain but it will be the most freeing, rewarding, life changing, soul charging adventure of your life.

As I enter into year 6 of my business and look back at all the souls I have supported, all the lives that have transformed, all the Spirits that are able to relax on the other side as their messages have been heard.

All the businesses I have transformed, all the celebrities that have been saved from certain contracts and relationships. All the gifted souls that were suffering from not developing and now they are able to breathe and enjoy life.

I look at my following all 200 thousand of them from all over the world, places I have never been too. I look at the charity I support, I look at the news articles and tv shows I have been featured in. I look at my YouTube videos and can’t believe the number of people watching my work.


Natasha – Hypnotherapist – has gone from 1k – 5k consistent months in her hypnotherapy business 

I look at myself, how I have evolved, grown, learnt to relax, learnt to look after myself, realised my energy is everything. I eat better, exercise regularly, have beauty treatments, worked on my mindset and deepened my Spiritual connection with my guides.

I am a 6 figure earner going into multiple 6 figures which is crazy, we moved to a beautiful huge home, I have just bought Mr H a Mercedes, we have savings, the girls have everything and more. I treat my family and friends all the time because I can and want to.

For a long time I didn’t feel comfortable sharing all this, but you are a beautiful light worker and you deserve to be rich in every aspect. You weren’t given this gift to burn out and struggle.


You’re meant to…

Be Seen

To receive beautiful clients

To feel fulfilled

To work when you desire to

To help others

To feel energised and happy

To have the income you deserve

To charge your worth

To run a successful Spiritual business with ease

Client S

Meena – Energy Healer – has built consistent 15k plus months in her energy healing business…

The past six years have been amazing, I have learnt so much and want to help you achieve YOUR desires.



If you are a gifted soul and ready to drop the struggle and say yes to a fulfilled Spiritual life then you are ready to build a 6 figure Spiritual Business.

Meet Jennifer who now has clients reaching out to her


We will cover the practicalities

Social media

How to create, which platforms to be seen on, how to leverage


How to set up business accounts, manage money flow and payment platforms

Time management

Time management How to manage your time -booking apps to allow clients to reach you

Hosting platforms

The best platforms to host your work


What equipment you will need

The course will be hosted on a private member’s area on my website- the trainings are pre-recorded. There are two live training dates on zoom.

Meet Alison who generated £135 k in her business within 4 months with ease and flow




$888 IN FULL 



12 X $80


Would you like to be one of my VIPS

VIP Package

Access all courses for life & save over $5k


£1997 IN FULL



12 X £166


I would 100% recommend Katie. She gives such good advice and her positivity is amazing. She actually wants to help others and has showed me to believe that it’s not just in the head.


Frequently asked questions

How will the course be delivered?

The course will be delivered online and there will be a private Facebook support group.


When does the course start?

Not long after Katie launched spiritually rich which I decided to sign up to as I believed I needed further help, motivation and guidance within my business to move forward.

The day I was deciding to take the leap I found a white feather behind my car, at that moment I knew I was making the right decision. Knowing Katie uses spirit to help was like having access to more than one business mentor which really helped.

I felt supported through every step and when I came up against a tough situation Katie was able to help me overcome those obstacles.

I would highly recommend any business which is stuck in a rut to use the services of both Katie and spirit!


Gemma Baker

Hairvolution by gemma

Katie works in the most magical way, she uncovers what is holding you make and has a unique way of helping you to work through those blocks. She supported me by believing in me and showing me that nothing can stop me achieving my dreams. Thanks to Katie I’m now smashing through my blocks and able to hold the faith that everything I want is coming towards me. I’ve removed money blocks and started to attract my ideal clients.

Spiritually Katie has shown me how to talk to spirit and trust in their guidance for myself. She has helped me so much in so many ways and I’m very grateful to her!

If you’re wanting help with your confidence as well as practical advice to grow your business and become a boss babe like her, absolutely work with Katie – she is incredible.

Karen Miller

Asleep At Last

This course is the leap your angels cannot wait for you to take! The moment I signed up they were as excited as I was.

Life is very busy so having a course that is flexible and focused really helps. You can take the sessions anywhere with you, I did on holiday or you can catch them on replay anytime you like.

My development has come on leaps and bounds. Katie brings such love, experience, passion and joy to each session I come away feeling so blessed and energised.

The course caters for all gift styles you will discover ones you never knew you had. The course provides you with tools for life As you will always have access to the materials and recordings.

Thank you Katie for sharing your lessons learned to enable others on their spiritual journey and for the amazing encouragement you bring. Xx


After a chance meeting with Katie at her Psychic Afternoon Tea Event I realised that I should embark upon trying to understand the strong feelings I have and have had for many years … this led me to Level 1 and then the fabulous Level 2 course … I’m not sure quite how to put into words just how ground breaking this has been for me … finally I have been able to make sense of so many things and now have the tools to develop further … Katie has obviously spent many years understanding her own gift and has such passion in her teaching to spread the knowledge, she is a beautiful … vibrant … fun … generous soul and her happy energy radiates. I would advise anyone who feels they have a gift to take part in this course … it is a gentle step by step way of understanding another beautiful side of life and is uncomplicated and very comforting … genuinely you won’t look back

When starting the course I thought I knew how to read but lacked structure with it. The course has taught me so much more and gave me the belief to continue with courage and compassion. I often struggle with my self esteem when it comes to this type of work as it often feels so intangible and I struggle without results but what Katie has shown is that the results are there and we are the helping hands in producing these results. Katie is positive and offers constant support and guidance and she’s not afraid to be honest with you about it. I’ve loved it and will be sad when it’s over







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