“Tell him I have the vase & I’m ready to go, I’m happy and at peace” the lovely lady was waving quite a collection of vases at me and she was immensely proud. She showed me the detail of the vases & the gentleman looked stunned.

I had been booked to read for a gentleman and unfortunately he became really unwell. His lovely family notified me and said if he picks up they will be in touch. The gentleman had already told me himself before the family had notified me…I heard “Hi love, I will make my reading you watch.” I was puzzled but politely answered and knew it would make sense at some point. 

Its amazing how these messages can come through even when the person has not transitioned fully over to spirit world. I learnt that the lady waving her vases around was on a life support machine and the gentleman was very ill and had lost consciousness. 

So even though the body on earth is suffering, the spirit of the soul has transitioned over to spirit and is hearing, feeling, seeing everything around them but in no way suffering pain or discomfort. 

The one that surprised me the most was a lady coming through with such clear guidance and love for her daughter. The messages and information she passed on were phenomenal yet she was alive!!! My client was baffled yet I heard her say “Tell her I hate my Alzheimer’s” during the episodes where her Alzheimer’s was at its worst her soul sought solace in spirit world. 

There are different levels in spirit world (or realms so to speak) They don’t fully transition, but reside to an area that I can only describe as in-between two worlds. 

I have to say, in my early mediumship years I thought I was going mad receiving messages from people that were still living! 

If you are reading this and have someone you know that is currently suffering an illness that leaves them unconscious or affects their mind remember they hear you and feel you. Tell them you love them and even though you might not get a response back I guarantee they hear every single word…