“I didn’t know what had happened, one second before I was here then I was in another world.”

“I didn’t feel pain just shock! I was so stupid.”

“All I kept thinking was leave my girlfriend alone I didn’t know what had happened. “

These are the words spoken by Spirits that have died suddenly. The loss of anyone we love is immense but when it happens with no warning both the humans left behind & the Spirit are traumatized.

The first sentence above was from a lady that had a severe heart attack then that was it. No warning, she missed her family, was sad she hadn’t said goodbye. She felt irresponsible as she hadn’t sorted out a will. She couldn’t rest in Spirit world. 

The second sentence was from a young guy in his 20’s he was speeding & hit a car head on. He told me he felt stupid, he loved his life & family. Interestingly he didn’t feel pain his passing was instant. 

The last sentence was such a difficult reading, the young boy had been murdered. I could barely get my words out trying to pass on his messages. I felt him hug me and tell me not to worry which made me sadder as he was a gorgeous soul. He was stabbed by several men and his only worry was they would find his girlfriend that had fled from the scene. 

This is why Spiritualism is such a gorgeous gift, it’s not about spells and spooky presences. It’s about being the bridge between the two worlds to bring both parties some peace, even if it might be the tiniest bit of comfort. 

The First Lady was relieved her family received the words she wished she had said. She was grateful her family said it didn’t matter about the will. 

The mom of the second guy was so happy to know he wasn’t in pain. She said she would now be able to rest. 

The girlfriend escaped the men that murdered her boyfriend and helped the police find them. She was delighted to hear personal messages from her boyfriend it made her feel so comforted. 

It’s awful how some souls pass on, it’s something that isn’t in our control. All we can do is be kind, love one another & have the conversations that you avoid. Get it all out in the open. 

My family and friends say at times I think and react deeply (sometimes they call me dramatic) but I know how quickly life can change. Spirits are constantly telling us to live and enjoy the moment so I am taking their advice. 

If you have a loved one that’s passed suddenly simply take a moment, meditate, be still and tell them everything you wished you had been able to say. They hear you & it helps them heal too.

Sending so much love