I can sense a movement, I can feel a shift, I have felt this before when I first started out in business. I was literally riding the lucky train (well that’s how it felt). It was as if I was being carried, moved forward without knowing what’s next.

The beauty of it all was I had complete trust, I followed the guidance, opportunities, signs, my internal radar and the magic unfolded. People would ask me what my 5 year plan was and where my strategy techniques were working most effectively??? I had neither, I was glowing, changing lives, energised and open to the endless possibilities that lay in front of me.

In hindsight it was easy for me as what was the alternative option? To sit and worry about being a failure? Not living my to my full potential? Not becoming a change maker? I had nothing to lose and my soul was dying staying put with no action so it was a no brainer.

I did something I had never done before at the time (I didn’t realise this would change my life and the lives of many others)….. I asked Spirit to guide me!!! I said I trust you. I know you have stopped me from progressing in other areas (PA roles and other business ideas), so this is my calling, I hear you. I am tired though Spirit so you can do all the work for me and I promise I will take action. I will admit there was part of me that didn’t believe it would work, surely that was indulgent, I felt guilty for “using” my gift for my own benefit. What I was failing to realise at the time (like most of you) was that the more I shine and succeed the more people I can serve and the more people benefit.

Then there came another breakthrough – Is it possible to receive this guidance for others whilst they learn to tap in and they rise and become change makers too? Yes yes yes this was possible and then I started to feel like the genie in the bottle from Aladdin. Also I felt stupid, this magic has been available to me all my life but I was closed off to it. Not by choice but simply totally unaware it was an option.

I have grown to understand we ALL have a life purpose our souls are so expansive, the Universe works with us when we are ready to be guided and shown. Sadly many people only get to this point when they are exhausted and have explored every other avenue.

Until now….the movement is coming, more souls are expanding and learning how to follow guidance and allow their desires, missions, beliefs to come to surface.

The change makers now have the microphones, they are the earth angels laid out ready to help the Spirit look after us all. It’s easy to spot these souls they’re the ones with the sparkly eyes….