After surviving septicaemia I was thrown back into normal life. I felt like someone was trying to tell me something with these near death experiences..but what it was I couldn’t tell you. 

Life was hard and I had no time for spirit world. I feel terrible writing that but it was the truth. I had three children under the age of six and for financial reasons I had to return to my office job six months after Lilly’s birth. I can’t begin to tell you the guilt I felt.

I was still reading for a select few people when I could and trying to squeeze in a bit of  reading.

I admired the celebrity psychics and often wondered, would I ever be that good? 

As a mothers day present I bought myself and Mommy a ticket to go and watch the famous Sally Morgan at a live audience night. As I walked into the theatre the energy hit me! I felt emotion and could hear loads of voices. I could feel spirits sat all around me. Mom asked me if I was ok and I said “Yeah course, just feeling everyone’s emotions”

That feeling was incredible as I sat there watching Sally in action I was reading with her. Connecting to the people she was and also getting the same information. I then heard “This will be you one day?” At that point I thought I was going mad. I can’t wait for that day and it’s what I’m striving for. 

I felt sad I couldn’t read for a living like Sally, I asked my angels..”Why have you given me this gift and not helped me?”

When I look back now I feel annoyed that I couldn’t see the obvious. My dream role and whole destiny was staring me in the face. Yet I chose to ignore it and tried every other angle possible. 

I remember going on one of those awful office team building days and somebody asking me if I had a talent and I answered with a shrug!! I felt like everyone was so special around me but I was just ordinary.

Maybe I lacked confidence? Maybe I wasn’t meant to see the bigger picture? When I hear of people feeling lost I can totally relate. 

If you are one of the lost souls, I promise you every feeling is temporary. Every path you take is another step into your bigger picture. It is not our responsibility to focus on how or when we are just meant to enjoy the ride. 

Focus on everything you do have, be grateful and know the best is yet to come….