My teeth were chattering I was shaking like a leaf and freezing cold. It was five days after I had given birth to baby Lilly the height of summer and I felt dreadful. 

Mr H took me to hospital, the sweat was pouring from me. I was worried and asked spirit to tell me what was wrong but they weren’t there?? After taking my temperature and blood pressure the doctors and nurses rushed me to a bed and there were lots of medics around me. I knew from Jessica’s birth this wasn’t a good sign. “Katie you will feel a sharp scratch” I didn’t flinch as they put vents and needles in my arms. One nurse stroked my head and I thought that poor woman I haven’t washed my hair!! 

I had septicaemia and was extremely poorly I was placed back in intensive care and had a nurse sat beside me writing notes. I kept seeing clouds again and felt drawn to them, every time I tried to follow them the alarms would go off and the nurse would jump up. I was alone, no spirits I could just see the clouds!! Where were they? “This is not the time to leave me guys” I was saying in my head”


I know now that they hadn’t left me, I was so poorly the energy fields around me were not strong enough to connect to them. They were looking after me and helping me to get better as best they could. 


I made a good recovery, they looked after me well and I was transferred to a ward not long after. The ward was hard, I couldn’t understand why I had so many extreme health experiences? I had no children to look after and all the time in the world to think. Was my gift causing me to feel drained? Should I take a step back? 


Poor Mr H was holding the fort at home and visiting as much as possible, I was so proud of how he dealt with everything. My brother would visit me every night, he didn’t even make me talk much just sat reading the paper. After a few days I could feel his concern and realised my energy fields were stronger!! I’m getting better yay!! I have never told him how grateful I was for him just sitting there with me. So thank you big bro it meant everything ..