The afterlife, its something none of us look forward to, some of us are absolutely petrified of it. I know of a beautiful soul that actually screamed before they crossed over. The thought of someone being that scared is awful.

Why are some of us that frightened? Why do we all have the notion when we go we wont be able to fulfil our dreams, make an impact? If we all knew we could live out our soul purpose, do a skydive, still travel the world but actually have crossed over. Would we slow down a little? Relax and enjoy the small things that so many of us talk about?

Obviously I can’t confirm 100% you will be able to do these things, however I can confirm spirit encourage us to do what we love the most as much as possible. Travel, have fun and tell those that mean the most to you just how much you truly love them. If the soul is fulfilled in this life it can only prosper in the next.

Spirit describe the afterlife as happy, blissful, no suffering, often the spirits that come through will reference how their bodies feel amazing. There was a lovely gentleman that told me he had lost his sight towards the end of his life and now wanted his daughter to know he could see again. He was so happy jumping around.

It is so wonderful, reassuring and comforting to know there is no suffering on the other side. There is peace, love and joy.

Having said that, the grief emotion we feel at losing our loved ones is often mirrored by spirit. They feel the pain of not being able to communicate, hug or be with you just as much as you do.

I often hear spirits apologising for crossing over, apologising for the pain their death has caused, apologising for not letting their loved ones know just how much they loved them whilst they were on earth.

If this is you right now, be assured they are never gone they walk beside you and every feeling whether it be pain or happiness is temporary and this wont be your everyday existence.

We will never fully comprehend what the afterlife has in store for us until our own time comes. However we can understand what we enjoy and love at this moment in time. Fill our soul with everything that serves us, feel loved, inspired and happy today right now no matter what circumstances you are in.

Spirit love you! You’re very special, never forget that…..