With make up streaming down my face the tears kept coming, I couldn’t stop. I was trying to draw breath so I could actually speak but nope it was like a river. The embarrassing part was I had no idea why I was crying! What the heck was wrong with me?

Sarah waited patiently she didn’t say a word, after what felt like a eternity she said “right talk”, all I could manage to share was that I felt lost, like I wasn’t understanding my true calling, that I was missing the giant jigsaw piece and for some reason I felt Sarah knew what that piece was.

I had three career avenues I was interested in pursuing but I couldn’t decide and I was beyond terrified of failing.What would people think? I would be laughed at? I was getting old I needed to be sure on my next move, this was it now or never.

Poor Sarah she has the patience of a saint, she said ”say each career option out loud one by one” so I did and she saw my face light up at psychic medium. I had always been working as a psychic but had no belief I could follow this passion as a full time career.

I came up with every excuse to Sarah as to why I couldn’t follow my psychic passion and we ended the call with me agreeing to follow all three careers and see which I enjoyed the most.

That night I said to my Angel’s “I give up, whatever I am meant to do, show me and make it happen” I felt lighter than I had done in years. The pressure was gone what will be will be.

The next day I read via a video app for Jo my network marketing mentor. The reading was so accurate and Jo was amazed. I was amazed the energy connection was as strong on video chat as in person, this was immense.

Jo was so delighted she posted on social media and whilst sat snuggled on the settee with Mr H, my phone literally beeped non stop for two hours.

I felt baffled, confused and excited why would these people be interested in me? I booked them all in and went to bed exhausted having no clue what spirit had in store for me….