I will never wear a watch, neither are there any clocks in my house. Is it because I can’t find a watch I like or a place to hang a clock? No of course not, it’s because time is not important.

Don’t get me wrong I manage to get my children to the right destinations on time and I stick to my client schedules. I am respectful of people allowing space in their life to be with me and massively appreciate that.

However we as humans are simply obsessed with time. We want to know when, where, how our desires will materialise.

What happened to finding peace, gratitude and contentment in the here and now?

Slow Down…

Spirit are constantly encouraging us to slow down and appreciate our lives as they are. Time is not an issue in their world and it certainly does not rule their actions and choices and neither should it rule ours.

Can you imagine a world where there are no time limits? Where everything happens as and when it should? You would be free from the limitations you have set yourself, you might even find your choices are completely different.

When I hear a clock ticking it sends shivers down my spine, there is no rush, there is no race and that’s exactly what spirit want you to feel.

Do I need to rush?

So the next time you hear someone worrying about time or the next time you yourself feel you need to rush, stop and think, why do I need to rush? Spirit are with me, supporting me, this part of my life is where I am supposed to be right now. I am meant to be experiencing this episode for a valid reason.

Most importantly the only time you need to be aware of is the time spent speaking to your guardian angel. They will bring you everything you desire…..