When I was around 12 almost 13 I got the bus to our local town and bought myself a hamster. I only had enough money for the hamster and bought him back on the bus in a cardboard box. My parents were not happy, he had chewed the side of the box and it was only going to be a matter of minutes before he escaped. My dad went out and bought me a cage complete with tunnels and a wheel and I named him Kyle.

In those first few weeks of launching my business, I was like Kyle the hamster. I was spinning on a wheel, waking up to my phone full of messages. I’d drop the girls at school, grab anything to eat and start reading. Messages were so clear and concise, the individuals were so lovely.

I also received messages from people who knew me, however they had no idea I even had a gift. They were perplexed, shocked and I’m sure some of them thought I’d made it up.

The Deal I Made With Spirit

I didn’t have time to think straight in those early days. I had no idea how much money I was making, I just kept going round and round and round like Kyle the hamster. I trusted my guides and I kept following what they told me to do next. That was the deal I made with spirit, if they wanted me to carry out their work and messages they must guide me the best way.

My kitchen table top became my office, I pinched my daughters laptop and downloaded the video app zoom. I would read till 3pm then go collect my girls from school, run around with after school clubs and dance, cook tea, sort out the house then start work again at 7pm when Mr H was home from work. Shoving a plate at him with his dinner on the minute he walked through the door. I ran through a handover itinerary of who had showered and then went straight into my evening readings.

Beautiful Messages

 The days/weeks were blurring into one. I had never felt more empowered, free and so complete. The messages I received after the readings were so beautiful. I had no idea by just being me and embracing who I really was would change the lives of so many people. My clients would say they had felt like a weight had been lifted, they had gone through years of counselling, yet one reading had helped them in ways I couldn’t imagine. I would read these messages to Mr H and my mom and they were so happy for me.

I kept Sarah close to me, she was my earth angel, checking in on me and making sure I wasn’t overwhelmed. She mentioned an exhibit we should do together that was being held in Birmingham. The cost of this event was huge and I couldn’t afford the payment, however I said yes! I had no idea how it was all going to materialise. All I knew is that saying yes felt so right and I got to spend three whole days with my earth angel….