I find it difficult to understand why people are so terrified about spirit. Maybe it’s all the movies and media portrayal. 

When I look back the only time I was truly scared was when I stayed at a hotel in Wales. I was with my best friend and her family and as soon as we arrived I couldn’t stop shivering. Everything about the place was eerie, the building, atmosphere, staff but also I noticed there were hardly any birds singing, butterflies or flowers.

Luckily we were only there for one night, I didn’t say anything to anyone but just sat there terrified. On the way to our room the corridors were long, freezing and there was a really strange mist. I was 15 at the time and thought “Great, they are going to scare me all night” 

I noticed my bestie was quiet and I asked if she was ok, her reply was “This place creeps me out” I told her what I thought and we decided to hide under the covers till morning. 

But then curiosity got us so we went exploring… The landing had exercise equipment out, which was random, however, it was moving by itself!!! The temperature plummeted in certain areas and I saw dark moving shapes.

We ran downstairs to her parents screaming and the waiter asked us what was wrong. He seemed surprised we had picked up the spirits and we later found out he confirmed to my friends parents there were spirits in the hotel. 

I thought to myself, If this is what spirit are like I am quite happy to not talk to them ever again!! Knowing what I know now lots of the activity and energy felt can be left by the living. Yes of course there is good and bad in everything, however like attracts like. If you are a good, kind-hearted person that’s what you attract spiritually and into your life.

There is a whole team up there rooting for us, wanting to love and guide us in the most beautiful way. Our only task is to believe, feel their love and allow them to help us. 

I truly love you spirit xxx