“It would appear the mass that we saw on your MRI scan has disappeared” these were the words of the surgeon in the recovery area…I was blind, groggy and felt so sick. 

“Why can’t I see?” Was my concern never mind the mass. They informed me it was down to the anesthetic and it would wear off. I was so disoriented I couldn’t take in any information they were saying. 

They told Mr H it was highly unusual for a growth to disappear and the surgeons were baffled. I became an overnight medical mystery. They had inserted a coil and apparently this was the answer to my recovery. 

My body rejected the coil and my symptoms became even more uncomfortable. I had to wait over nine months before anyone in the hospital would listen to me. By which point I was a woman on a mission. I found a great gynaecologist and booked myself an appointment. 

I’ll never forget the first appointment with this recommended gynaecologist. I turned up armed with information and spoke for 45 minutes about my journey, scans, investigations, lab results the works!! During this 45 minute rant I kept hearing “Don’t be hard on her, she’s having problems with her son” I was so disconnected to spirit I started to look around the room. She asked me if I was ok, how embarrassing. Then I heard “She has three children like you, she needs you to help her too” 

The surgeon then explained how she could help and I felt she wasn’t taking me seriously so I put up a great fight and she looked defeated. She agreed to investigate as I asked her too and as she was writing out the blood forms she started to pour her heart out. She told me about her three children, her concerns around her son and I wanted to hug her. 

She then jumped and said “Oh gosh I’m so sorry I have no idea where that came from! That’s so unprofessional of me” 

I knew then she was the answer to my prayers, she would help me and I was going to recover fully. Spirit had connected us both and I had never felt safer. 

This was the start of the long road to recovery but I was on the way and I had the most beautiful kind soul looking after me….