Even with everything I know about spirit world I still get shivers when I think of children that have crossed over. I know they’re safe, loved and looked after over there. However, that doesn’t stop the pain I feel in my heart when communicating with them.

I remember the first time I felt it, I had gone to watch the late Colin Fry at a live audience event. I often went to these events not to be selected but to practise reading. Colin connected with a child in spirit and I will never forget the sound the mother made in the audience. She shrieked and fell to her knees, I was in tears and could feel every ounce of pain that was in that mothers heart. Colin did well with the messages and held it together. He hugged the lady and that compassion really struck me.

I think that was the first time I realised just how life changing having a gift is. That mother was in such pain that those 5 minutes that she received her message bought her some peace. Maybe she might spend tomorrow feeling a tiny bit happier or she might sleep that night with no nightmares. It was all I could think about.

Fast forward 15 years and it was my chance to bring that peace to a grieving mother. I had just finished a live event, spirit were so clear and I was so pleased I had managed to get through so many people.

However out the corner of my eye I could see two people sobbing and holding each other so tight. I went over, I didnt say anything I just sat down. As soon as I held one of their hands I knew they had lost a child.

She was 9 years old, had a loving family, she was sporty and had everything to live for. They were in so much pain and I simply held them both. I listened to them as they told me they simply wanted to know that she wasnt alone and that she was ok over there.

After reading for so many people I wanted to give this family a clear message with fresh energy to give them the comfort and peace they so needed. I asked them if I could contact them the next day and I would try to bring her forward. They left saying they felt lighter already.

The car journey home I spoke to her, I said “I will be making contact with you tomorrow I cant wait to get to know you” The next morning like clockwork she was there telling me details about her bedroom, garden and all about her siblings. I asked her to help me ease her families pain by telling me something only they could know. She did just that and the family were so happy.

I know a message from the other side wont take the pain away, losing a child in my opinion is the worst kind of loss you can experience. Feeling the positive effect that message had was incredible.

It made me realise it doesn’t matter about how many followers you have. It doesn’t matter what magazine your featured in or that my website has crashed.

What’s important is the messages and healing peoples pain.

It is my privilege to connect with these beautiful souls even though they make me cry….