My new life had begun, I had stepped out publicly as a Psychic Medium, I say stepped I think its fair to say Spirit gave me a good shove.

There would no longer be Psychic Katie hidden away, no more driving miles away from my home (so nobody would recognise me) to do readings. I was out of the Spiritual closet and I was terrified, liberated and excited all in one go.

I worked through my readings, I was reading up to 10 people per day and it was exhausting. Everyday I was receiving numerous enquiries. I spent three hours one day trying to schedule everyone in.

Where this was all going to take me I wasnt clear I just knew I had to flow and all would be revealed. My years of training, reading, practicing, development was paying off. The connection was stronger than ever!

Within two days I was global, I had Google open constantly to work out time zones. I was reading for people in countries I had never been too.

It was that moment I realised there was no going back, this would be my future. I had asked Spirit to make the business come easily to me and it did. I had a waiting list of four months.

Little did I know it was only going to get bigger for me…..