There I was strapped to a machine with a hospital gown on, legs and arms tied, a catheter fitted which was attached to a funnel.  I felt like Jesus on the cross. 

I tried to crack jokes to ease the seriousness of the staff but nobody laughed apart from me!! #awkward. I was told to concentrate and wee whilst they rotated the bed round. I had stage fright they all got frustrated and the test was left inconclusive…whoops. 

This had all stemmed from the dreaded sickness bug. My girls had suffered for 24 hours and then they were fine. I caught it and it was a different story. I had been sick and visited the toilet so many times I had lost a stone in weight and my tummy had concaved in. 

I was so weak I called my daddy and said “Take me to hospital” There was snow on the ground and I remember having leopard print pyjamas on with matching wellies. The hospital were great they re-hydrated me and gave me some injections. I was unwell for a good 3 weeks but I slowly recovered.

Then it started…my tummy swelling and pain. I started to blow up like a balloon every month and stay like it for a good few weeks. 

I can’t even begin to tell you how much this affected my life. The fatigue, the unbearable monthly periods, the cramping, the pain. I literally couldn’t move and no medic could come up with a clear conclusion. 

I remember my daddy saying “You don’t think it’s spirits doing this to you?” I replied with “No  don’t be daft” but it did cross my mind…What if I was picking up these awful symptoms from someone else? If spirits loved me why would they not heal me? 

I lost friends and missed so many important occasions as I was just too unwell. 

I spent a long time in hospital, being sent from various specialists to another. I learnt so much about people, the importance of good health and how quickly your life can change. 

At the time I had a great job working for a Professor and he was the most understanding kind boss. He even came up with a list of conditions I could have. Everyone was so perplexed.

I felt my life was on hold, I was a bad mom I was convinced my poor girls would look back on their childhood and remember a mom that lay around in pain. I was a bad wife poor Mr H would try to talk to me and I barely had energy to respond. My true amazing friends that stood by me, never heard from me.

Little did I know this was all part of the bigger picture. Out of this misery was a whole new way of life. I thought I was being punished and questioned everything I had ever done. None of this was true, I was simply being guided back on the right path…..