Personally I have found spiritualists churches a bit strange, I used to wonder why they never had any furniture in them. I would look around the bare room and think it looks like they’ve been burgled. I have since come to understand that possessions carry energy and that’s why they ensure the rooms are sparse.


I dragged Mr H with me to the spiritualist church it was a weekly gathering on a Sunday night, it was packed!! There was a little old man on an organ that I swear was asleep in-between songs. People arriving had started crying before anyone had even sat down. I thought it was bizarre, however I could massively feel the energy in the room it was electric like nothing I had ever experienced before.


I watched the medium get to work he was amazing, he connected with spirit and passed on such detailed information. I could feel someone stroking my hair all through the event, I was covered in goose bumps and felt really emotional. It was at that moment that I knew this would be my future, I was going to be on a platform just like that man. This was my destiny and this was my calling in life, I’m known to be impatient and in true Katie style I wanted it all now now now!!


I didn’t want to join the circle at the church so I started to read more books and practise meditation, I was without a doubt absolutely rubbish at it. I felt like a hippy and kept laughing at myself, I know deep down I was terrified as to what I was about to uncover. But I kept going and was making slow progress.

It was around this time that I was out partying most weekends with my friends, we had the best time and I honestly think letting my hair down with them most weekends kept me sane. Work was very busy, the girls were only little so needed a lot of time and I was only young. The only problem I had with alcohol and be spiritually open was I was receiving messages for so many people in the nightclubs. The more I drank the more confident I was to go and tap them on the shoulder and say “Your nan said well done on your promotion” then I would run off!! There was one lady that was pregnant “The baby is on its way, congratulations” Their faces were a picture!! I cannot believe I did this and would most certainly not do that now!! I started to do readings again but only a few, I did not advertise and kept a very low profile. I understood this could not be rushed and spirit would be the ones to decide when I was ready. The people I did read for were so happy and told me over and over again how I was the best psychic they had ever seen. I thought they were just being polite, I was just little me, I didn’t and still don’t think I’m better than anyone else………