The story to how I got to where I am now is an unusual one. I’m pretty sure spirit had originally planned a shorter route. However I was so detached from myself I couldn’t see how I was being guided. Poor spirit certainly had their work cut out.

I woke up one day and decided I had to work with a lady called Jo, she was massively successful in another network marketing business and I resonated with everything she said.

I reached out to her and decided the answer to my problems was to be part of two networking companies. It felt so good, I would invest my knowledge in the new business and be able to offer my customers fresh new products. Unfortunately this was not well received from the first company and it became clear I had to choose.

There was something energetically drawing me to work with Jo. She was straight talking, gave up so much of her time to deliver training and I loved the products. So I was back at the beginning of a marketing plan and ready to succeed.

It hadn’t occurred to me that spirit had led me to Jo, I had totally convinced myself it was sheer luck. Within weeks I was flying up the marketing plan, I was so happy and delighted at my new found income.

Then the unsettling feeling came back, the niggle that something was missing. I had seen Sarah Morgan (law of attraction coach) talking about her business live on Facebook and she was thriving. What struck me the most was how her eyes now sparkled. She was full of contentment and peace.

One evening I was on a training call with Jo and she casually mentioned she was off to see a psychic. I smiled and said “I’m psychic have a great time” She was baffled and asked a million questions. I couldn’t believe I told her, I hid my gift from everyone.

Jo asked me to read for her over video chat and I reluctantly agreed a time and date.

I repeatedly had the urge to speak with Sarah Morgan, I reached out to her and she was so lovely and kind. Sarah offered me a connection call, I had no idea what I was going to say or what a connection call was but I said yes! The video chat became slightly awkward…after pleasantries Sarah said “How can I help my darling?”

Then the floodgates opened………