The title of the blog was my opinion on spiritual people. If I’m being completely honest with you all, I didn’t want to ever be placed in the “Weirdo” bracket.
But what or who is actually “normal”? We are all beautifully unique and wonderful in our own way and it was wrong for me to judge other spiritual souls.
When I first walked into the arena where myself and Sarah were exhibiting I thought “What the heck have I signed up to”. There were people that looked like they hadn’t washed their hair in years. I could hear really annoying clanging chimes. I was concerned for my asthma with all the scents that were burning!


Being Fully Guided


Then I saw Sarah beaming and full of excitement, we got to work and our stand looked incredible. I had no business plan with the exhibit, I just thought I will talk to people I feel drawn too and then take it from there. It worked! Everyday we had the busiest stand, barely a chance to go get a drink or have a toilet break.
I felt the pain and struggle of every single person that we spoke to. I met some gorgeous individuals that have become my avid followers. Myself and Sarah made friends with so many other stand exhibitors and for the first time in years, I knew I was exactly where I was supposed to be.
One particular busy afternoon I was talking to a lovely lady, her hubby was hiding behind her looking so bored. After 5 mins or so he interrupted us and said “You should teach you know?” My response was “I’m sorry I don’t understand, teach what?” he answered “Spiritualism, I have never felt such pure energy, you’re special, you are here to lead and teach others how to understand their gifts”  I dismissed his comments, teach? I have no time to teach I’m full for the next three months!!!
The words must have stuck with me somehow as all I kept hearing was “Psychic Skool”, I thought at first they were telling me to go back!
That event was the making of my business, I knew I was where I should be, I knew spirit were working with me, I knew I was being fully guided and my relationship with my friends up there strengthened ten fold…..