I hate going to funerals, I know that’s an awful  thing to say but it’s so true. As I walk in I can feel the charge of energy, the emotion of everyone around. I cannot control my emotions I end up crying so much it becomes embarrassing. 

The last funeral I went to was for my best friends Nan, she was an amazing lady. Growing up I would visit her house often, she took me shopping and treated me like I was her granddaughter. I loved her so much. She said to me every time I saw her “You have such a strong third eye, do you know your psychic?” I would laugh at her as I didn’t think my gift was anything special.

When I walked into the funeral service I felt the energy I always get and started to shiver despite having two coats on. Then as everyone sang the first hymn I heard “Kate you made it, I’m so pleased you’re here! Can you believe how many have come?” 

At the time I had started yet another corporate role and was trying my best to ignore my gift. I was gobsmacked. I carried on singing as if nothing was happening but she carried on “Can’t you hear me? I love that photo up there”

My brother in law was sitting next to me as he had also known her, I must have looked odd as he asked if I was ok. I didn’t dare say even though he knew about my gift. In fact I only told him what I heard last week!! 

The service was beautiful and she was a very happy lady. 

I know from speaking to many spirits they attend their own funerals. They often remark on flowers or music. 

It’s so difficult for us as humans to treat funerals as a celebration of someone’s life as often the pain is too much. They often say “please please tell them not to cry” 

Our loved ones are never really gone, they stand with us guiding us on our life journey. We are all reunited eventually, until that day make your life the best it can possibly be and make them proud….