I could feel a trickle going down my tummy, what was that? I was sat in an important meeting at work (I can’t begin to tell you how great it was to be back in the swing of things) trickle, trickle ..I made my excuses and went to the toilet. It was sweat!! I was sweating all over. I spent a good ten minutes using tissue to mop it up. I used the hand dryer to dry patches on my clothes. Unfortunately I had blasted my hair too and looked like something from the 80’s when I returned to the meeting.  

Gone were my lovely colourful clothes, I had to wear short sleeved black outfits. Wherever I went I made sure I had deodorant, cooling sprays and wait for it…a nasal hair trimmer!!! Nobody told me about the excessive hair growth. I must have gone through six trimmers in one month. 

Being a psychic definitely has it’s perks in an office environment, people can be ambitious and a little cut throat. Spirits would often warn me in advance, I was so grateful. Safe to say they were never wrong.

I was reading outside of work on the evenings and was still keeping my gift a secret. I wasn’t advertising or talking to anyone about it. Yet my diary was full for readings. 

I was making progress in my job and doing well but something was missing. I knew I wasn’t living my life how I was supposed to be. It was niggling me and I felt like I was missing something blatantly obvious. 

I began to get really tired, and knew this was down to the blood loss from my back passage. I was driving to work one morning and spirit  said “It’s time to drive to hospital” I had been putting off mentioning the blood loss to anyone medical through fear of what they would do. However someone took control of my car that day and before I knew what was happening I was at A&E!! 

I sat in the car and said “I can’t face it! I’m too tired” as clear as day they said “Out you get, nothing bad will happen to you, we promise”…..