I’m a great believer that timing is everything, whilst I knew my gift was strong I also knew I wasn’t ready to fully accept it. Without realising it I was very fearful and still had so much to learn.

I attended psychic school weekly and I was like a hyperactive toddler! One evening we were put into pairs and asked to connect with the colour we could see around the person. I was paired with a younger man and not only could I see the colour around him but also him as a child, as I sat there giving him a full reading I was told off by the teacher. I couldn’t understand why they were holding me back? I now know they were trying to teach me correctly and knew I wasn’t quite ready. The teacher said to me one evening “Katie you will be fantastic one day and I will be proud to say you attended our group” They really were very kind people and only had the group’s best interests at heart.


I had managed to leave my day job at the bank and had found a fantastic opportunity at a small brokerage. I started to enjoy my office role and was earning good money. I was also trying to fit readings in on the evenings and look after my two babies. I was shattered and eventually I stopped attending psychic school. I also decided to take a break from the readings and would just watch psychic tv programmes and read the audience members along with the medium on tv.

I was busy planning my wedding to Mr H and had turned into bridezilla, I was totally obsessed with everything being perfect. Our wedding was truly beautiful and a very special day for us both. However despite being happily married, two gorgeous girls, good job and a nice home something was missing.



I’ve always had weird dreams, however I kept having the same one telling me to go to a psychic shop in the centre of town, so one Saturday afternoon we all went there as a family. I walked into the shop and looked around, why was I there? Mr H waited at the door and I eventually looked directly at a lady who I knew instantly was a psychic. She asked me how she could help and I told her about my dreams. She read me and I could feel her scanning my whole body, she then said “You’re a psychic? And a very good one” I explained I had sat in circle but then played down my ability and told her I wasn’t that good! She handed me three crystals, told me not to be fearful and to keep them on me at all times. I did as she said and started to feel energised.


One of my friends at work asked if I would like to go and see a medium with her for a laugh, I thought yeah why not and that’s when things became interesting. This medium was supposed to be fantastic and I was so excited to hear what she had to say. I sat down and beamed at her across the table, she took one look at me and said “Why are you here?” I was taken aback so my reply was “Errr to receive a reading?” She then went on to say how I was very talented and could read for myself! She was most insistent I embrace my gift and to stop being frightened. I had hundreds of spirits around me waiting for me to connect. She asked me to come to her spiritualist church on that Sunday to see what my future would be like one day………





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