I had the number of a well known Spiritualist,  I had found her number through the spiritualist church. I was told she helped people understand their gifts and she was working as a light worker full time. I couldn’t wait to call this lady she was going to be my beacon, my ray of hope! She would take me under her wings, share her insight and help me focus on this full time! Hurrah I have hit the spiritual jackpot. I cried with relief and phoned her. 

She was helpful on the phone but said she couldn’t help me, I offered to pay for private sessions with her, at one point I begged her. She said no, I would have to continue to sit in the spiritualist circle. I couldn’t resonate with the church, none of it was making sense, nobody seemed to know the answers to my questions. 

I was so upset and frustrated at the time yet now I couldn’t be more grateful that lady rejected me – possibly a strong word to use “reject” but that’s how it felt. I was searching for the person I was to become the person I am today. I can say without my extensive research, training, experiences I wouldn’t be the mentor I am. So although those times were difficult it was the exact way it had to be. 

The key piece of the puzzle and the part I began to realise is the most important is that we all hold a spiritual speciality, a unique purpose. It can be something big, it can be something small but its all relative and often when I am working with clients they are not remotely looking for it. 

We often focus on “When will my vision be activated?” or if they are coaches, therapists “I must give my clients the full transformation” Yet, It might not be your role or purpose to be there for the full transformation. Let me give you an example. You all know I love my examples – I am a psychic and a spiritual activator, I activate your gifts and bring them to life. I do not specialize in Reiki or healing, I am rubbish at channeled art. I do not need to activate everything as that splits my energy. I simply need to place my energy in my spiritual speciality and then I become empowered, flourished, lit up, wealthy and enlightened. 

I wish I had received this breakthrough many years ago, yet it wasn’t what was planned for me. 

You have access to this, you get to uncover yours, then you get to share it with those you are here to serve. 

The best part is you get to be rewarded in the process…

The best part for me is I get to take you through the experience and be a part of your journey, I must be the luckiest spiritual worker in the human world…..