There was a period in my life where I had absolutely no road sense. Us spiritual souls do tend to be zoned out at times. However, the amount of times my best friend saved my life was truly ridiculous.

They say you repay the favour and I most certainly have many times over. I remember one incident in particular, I was driving along singing at the top of my voice (normal day) when I saw a man lying on the pavement outside a pub. People drove past him, other people walked past him!! I swung the car round and jumped out. He was an elderly man and unfortunately for him he was lying passed out right in front of a pub. People assumed he was drunk!

However it was early morning and all I kept thinking was this is someones father, grandfather, husband, brother…I put my coat under his head and phoned an ambulance, they asked for the address. I had no clue what the road was. They asked me did he have a pulse? I started to panic, how can I save him? I have no first aid skills, I can’t work out the name of the road, I’m shaking from the cold and adrenaline.

How can I save him?

People stopped and told me to step away in case he was on drugs? I ignored them and Google mapped the address of where I was. The ambulance confirmed they were on their way and they were there in minutes. I sat on the cold pavement next to this man, if he was about to cross over I wanted him to know he wasn’t alone.

It turned out he had slipped into a diabetic coma, he was walking to get his morning paper. My actions albeit slow had saved him.

I made a vow to help anyone that seemed distressed (obviously safely of course) the list continued…

    • Lady unconscious on the side of the motorway in Italy (the language barrier was a problem but we got there)
    • A guy that had been beaten and glassed outside a nightclub
    • Old lady that fell badly in a home shop
    • Numerous children that had lost their parents in theme parks
    • The guy that had an epileptic fit next to me on a train

The world has many earth angels, those souls that don’t question helping in anyway they can. We need more earth angels.

Spirit are wonderful and always help, however they need earth angels to help and support them. You can be an earth angel. Lets support spirit and each other…