Over the years some readings have stuck with me, I look back on them and can still see and hear the words that were said. This is unusual as most of the time it’s not my opinion or thought so I forget.


I remember reading for a young lady many years ago. She was smiley, happy and welcomed me in to what I thought was her home. As she was making me a drink I heard the words “she doesn’t live here, she’s testing your ability” I dismissed it and felt puzzled as the lovely lady was moving around the kitchen as if she had lived there all her life. We settled down and I started to open up and connect, the first thing I said to her was “this isn’t where you live” she looked flabbergasted and answered “No I dont” she looked slightly uncomfortable so I didn’t probe and continued with the reading. Her lovely mom came through and talked all about her childhood in detail. She told me everything that had been happening with this beautiful smiley young lady and I cried. By the end of the reading she was in tears but said she had never felt lighter and happier. Apparently she had been to a few psychics and wanted to see If I could connect when not in her home. She was most apologetic, I hugged her and said it didn’t matter. It really didn’t matter, spirits are not fussed about where you are if they want to connect and send you a message they will find a way.


Another was with a lovely lady that is now my sister in law, this lady was one of the nursery staff that had looked after my daughter’s and we became friends. In her reading I saw my brother in laws house and could see him as her future. At the time it made no sense, I associated the vision with a man similar to him as they can often send you information in different ways to make the message clearer. They showed me two boys and she would be settled and happy, a few short years later she married my brother in law and I now have two beautiful nephews.

Another was really sad, I could only see the next six months of this ladies life, those six months were good and fun. Despite me asking they wouldn’t show me anything else and I knew it wasn’t right to keep pushing. So I passed on as much as I could but drove away from the house feeling lost and confused. It took a few days for me to shake away a weird feeling …sadly around nine months after the person had passed away. I was pleased spirits hadn’t told me, even though I had received training I wasn’t ready to take on this information and they knew that.

Timing is everything in life, we are all so obsessed with it and desperate to know when things will happen or change for us. Thanks to spirit I have come to understand you need to forget time and live in the moment. It sounds obvious but so many of us dismiss this.




I look back at my journey and on occasions get frustrated with myself! Why did I hide my gift away? What was I so worried about? When I have these moments I remind myself it wasn’t the right time. Spirits allow things to develop and happen for you in the right moment and not a second before……