My general surgeon was so kind, spirit told me he couldn’t have children and I felt incredibly sad for him. During one of our appointments I asked him if he had a family and he answered “sadly no, however I do have godchildren” 

The morning of my exploratory operation I felt really nervous. I was hoping and praying he would find a minor bowel problem which would mean I didn’t have to keep having the monthly menopause injections. I was so quiet sat on the bed in my gown which I had no idea flashes your bottom to everyone!!

I felt sick and wasn’t sure if I could proceed, then I overheard the nurse talking to the lady next to me. She had come in to have a tumour removed from her throat. I realised I was being a big baby and said a prayer for the lady. 

My surgeon discovered quite a few things, I had been bleeding internally, my ovaries were enlarged, I had lots of free fluid in the tummy and a biopsy discovered I was coeliac. I was oblivious to all this, the anaesthetic had affected my bladder, I felt like I constantly needed a wee. Mr H had refused to hold the bedpan so the nurse found me fast asleep whilst sat on the toilet.

I was so grateful to my surgeon, that man was an angel. I took him chocolates, a card and gave him the biggest hug. No wonder I had been feeling so unwell I was allergic to gluten and lactose intolerant. 

I remembered the visitation from my nanny telling me about food allergies and smiled. “I got there in the end nanny” 

Mr H  and my family were so relieved I think they had all started to think I had something awful going on. We all researched gluten and my gorgeous mommy bought me so many gluten free cookbooks. 

Although I had to continue with the hormone injections I was seeing the light at the end of the tunnel…..