Mom life v’s Business life

When I was pregnant with my first daughter who’s now 16, beyond beautiful and taller than me. I visited the store Mamas & Papas I loved this shop it had everything you needed for your baby. It was all laid out in little nursery demonstration rooms so you could visualize you & your baby living your best life.

I stood there in the shop with an assistant, Mr H, my mommy & daddy. I was sold on everything & had convinced my family the baby wouldn’t survive if we bought furniture from anywhere else as this place had lower toxins in the woodwork. The baby needed their colour scheme to enhance development. I needed the mountain size day bags that cost more than a mulberry because Otherwise I wouldn’t be able to get around Sainsburys.

Fast forward a few months and she arrived, my beautiful perfect Jessica. I had no clue how to look after her, I had only researched pregnancy & birth & couldn’t change a nappy. Again I sourced the best books, Gina Ford would be my savior then Annabel Karmel for my amazing baby banquet meals.

Well after several attempts I wanted to punch Gina Ford in the face (sorry Gina it wasn’t personal) and whack Annabel Karmel with my wooden spoon. On a normal teary chat with my Mom she said “Darling, throw away the books, you are so connected to Jessica, simply follow your feelings with her” I wanted to add my mom to the hit list but then she said “There’s no parenting manual in the world that can truly prepare you for motherhood, Jess is not a robot, connect to her needs”

Life Changing Moments

That moment was life changing, my mom gave me permission to believe I was the best person for Jessica. I simply needed to connect & let it work for us. It didn’t occur to me at the time to speak to Spirit (to be honest I was too tired) I didn’t know about the power of visualising. I did know I wanted to be the best I could be. I was terrified of letting baby Jess down.

Fast forward again to 2017 the year I finally shared with the world who I am at soul level. The year I bought my beautiful Spiritual gift to you all. Guess what? The same thing started, all of a sudden there was information everywhere on how to build a business , courses on everything you could imagine, internet marketers, social media analysts. If you don’t implement now you won’t succeed.

I am going to be really honest, there were times when I almost parted with large sums of money, I believed just for a second I had to have this in my business. It was easier in a way to do that then admit to myself that even though I stepped out I didn’t fully believe I could maintain a successful empire & reach thousands globally.

Spirit sorted me out though, they stopped me when I needed stopping, they showed me what was true. Which is connection, belief, leaning into myself, my fears, truth, showing up as truly & freely as myself. Knowing I am always enough & I am loved.

Spiritually Rich Life

These are the tools to become truly & utterly Spiritually Rich, yes there are some practicalities to bring in. Example, going back to Motherhood I needed a small bag to put a nappy in for Jessica when we went out, I didn’t need a climate controlled £800 rucksack that could have supported me up Mount Everest. I needed to build a following of loyal souls to love my work & fulfill my purpose. I didn’t need to hire a funnel expert that just sprouted figures & conversions with no thought of the souls behind the numbers.

You’re enough always enough, the success is within you, myself & Spirit simply adapt the spiritual practices to bring it out of you in the most beautiful, divine way.

Consider this blog as your sign to accept you! Just like my mom gave me all those years ago.

We love you so much