Baby Lucy’s birth was very different to Jess. It was calm, relaxed, no spirits and I felt centred.


When they handed her to me for the first time I could hear a song playing in the background “Have I told you lately that I love you”

It was one of those perfect moments.

The midwife asked if we had a name and I decided her middle name would be Anna after Mr H’s Nan. After all she had visited and warned me of baby Lucy’s arrival.


Baby Lucy was the most placid, calm child. She just smiled, ate and slept. She was and still is utterly perfect. I did however start to notice something special about her, when I held her hands I felt warmth and power. I wondered whether she was a healer. As she grew older she started to feel it herself, if anyone had a headache she’d say “do you want me to use my healing hands?”


I haven’t encouraged her to explore her gift as she is still so young. However, should she choose too she would be fantastic.


Shortly after our wedding I decided to go visit this “amazing” psychic with one of my friends and my mommy. I was so excited, I wanted her to tell me I would have more children and be hugely successful. However she questioned why I was there, she said my gift was so strong and she’d never met anyone like me. She also said it’s hugely important I receive guidance exploring it. I will always be very grateful to this remarkable medium as what she said was exactly what I needed to hear. I acted upon her advice and sourced a psychic school.


On my first evening at psychic school I was welcomed with open arms. It was a freezing cold sparse room with a mixture of people.  A few had really strong abilities and others were clearly bonkers. I remember the clock on the wall, the hands of the clock would disappear if you looked at it from a certain angle. Spirits have no indication of time so it crossed my mind they removed the hands as a joke.


Every session would start with meditation, which I simply couldn’t do. My mind was full of “to do lists” and if I’m being totally honest I was terrified where the meditation would take me.

I would sit there with one eye open trying not to laugh. It wasn’t because I thought they were funny I was just being an idiot. By not trusting their development process I simply slowed down my spiritual journey……..