When I think about our purpose in life as humans (deep I know) I think our main purpose is to be impactful. I don’t mean we have to be the next J K Rowlings (although she is fab and that would be mega) We just have to make a positive impact on just someone, touch one soul and that could be the one thing that shapes that persons future in some way.

There’s a saying “ You only have to touch a person once in this life for them to stay with you in the next”

I am going to take a trip down memory lane now, my Auntie Lin, she is an amazing lady, when I was little she bought me gorgeous birthday gifts, she threw the best family parties. She would fill her cupboards with my favourite sweets. Her house was always beautifully decorated and had the most gorgeous smell (I think it was Jo Malone) She was so glamorous and kind. I loved going to her house and I remember thinking I want my house to be like hers.

She also ran her own business with my Uncle and bought up my two gorgeous cousins. She like my Mom made it look so effortless and rarely moaned.

Unfortunately her and my Uncle went their separate ways and I didn’t get to see her as much. I remember saying to my Mom “Cant they just work it out”

In those early years my Auntie had made such an impact, I always felt loved by her, she made everything so fun, her and my mom would always be laughing or having a good gossip.

She came to visit me when I had my three babies, she was there at my wedding.

Auntie Lin taught me to celebrate every occasion, to be thoughtful with gifts, make those you love feel special and to be a good Auntie. Yet no words were exchanged on this topic.

So when we say we want to impact people with our gifts, our work & services. I think its important to know you are doing this everyday by just being you! You could say one sentence or even one word. A look, a hug or just listening could shift someone more than you realise.

You are most probably and possibly always will be oblivious just like my Auntie Lin was when I told her. My Auntie was just being herself and as a result her and my mom have encouraged me to go crazy with balloons and cakes for birthdays and to celebrate the opening of an envelope! Ha!

When you think about it memories and photos are the only things that stay with us so it’s important to make them the best we can.

Only good can come from being more intentional with your impact – books, podcasts, live streams, blogs are all amazing but I see people worrying and putting themselves under so much pressure to get it all perfect.

Spirit love you and love to see you sharing and naturally helping those whilst you live and thrive. From their perspective as long as you’re sharing from a place of love and well wishes you will be rewarded energetically ten fold.

So be you, share what feels good, be impact full sometimes with intention and sometimes without as there are people everywhere that will be so grateful, Spirit will ensure those that need to see it will and those people will naturally repeat the process…

I would like to say thank you to my Auntie Lin for allowing me to share this blog, for being the best Auntie & for being so special.