Spirit have no sense of time, in the early days when I was developing they would pop up everywhere…

Job interview – “Why would you want to work here? This looks depressing, we are much more fun”

Returning an item in the shop – “This lady needs to leave her husband, can you tell her for us? She needs your energy”

One of my many trips to hospital they said they would take out my appendix, surgery all booked – “Just so you know they won’t do the operation”

Turns out they were right, I got the job and it was a depressing place, spirit are much more fun!! I did pass on the message to the lady in the shop (whilst turning red) she nodded and had tears in her eyes.

After signing the hospital operation consent form, they then confirmed the operation wouldn’t be necessary.

There’s nothing I love more than being able to talk to spirit, it’s so normal now that it’s like me talking to you in this blog. I knew I had to get with more control with the messages, they flowed all day lonnng and I was energetically knackered. I had no filter, they would “pop up” with an opinion or message on something anytime they liked.

I learned very early on to trust them, I knew they would lead me on the right path and support me 100%. However there was always that little part of me that was terrified of them. My gift seemed so unique compared to others that I questioned my own mental health.

Were these messages from spirit or was I just hearing voices in my head? It’s a question I get asked the most by my students. The only way to truly know is to pass on the messages. When the person confirms they understand your confidence and connection grows.

It can take years to fully develop and grow, it solely depends on how receptive and open you are. Is it always fun? No not always, it can be incredibly frustrating and unclear. I can tell you that by embracing your gift you become energetically free like a bird finding their wings for the first time. That feeling is the most memorable experience of my life.

I love you spirit and although we have our quarrels, I couldn’t be without you 💖💖💖