Things over time lose their sparkle, I can remember way back when I was 7 years old and I had a beautiful doll house for Christmas, it had tiny furniture, lights that actually worked. I had little people to put inside and they drank from the tiniest of cups. Then one day I was sat in the car and heard on the radio that houses were being burgled! That same day I remember seeing graffiti on walls and I questioned my mom as to what made people write on walls…Not long after this my doll house got burgled, it was sad they took all the furniture and wrote on the walls. My mom was furious with me and said I was never allowed to have another dolls house (I so don’t blame her; I would have said the exact same thing).

However, what I was showing is that there is not just one way to play, that dolls house had multiple ways for me to have fun. Yes, I get it was a bit weird that I burgled my own dolls house, but then I was an odd child that sat playing with Spirit children most days.

I was sat thinking the other day why is it that some people have strong connection and others do not, is it because some people are clearer, more open than others? Is it because they believe? Is it because they have found a connection process that works for them?

The answer is yes yes yes yes…

The key to connecting, receiving, and understanding Spiritual guidance comes when you understand yourself, adapt to new ways of developing. There is a missing part though that most people don’t know about that will not only enhance your connection but have you open and ready receiving consistently…are you ready?

You must find new ways of connecting that align for you! So playing sweetly with tiny teacups and talking quietly to my figurines in my dolls house was not working out for me. I needed to shake it up and decided on a drastic new way to connect and keep the fun and enjoyment going.

So where is it you need to start with connecting? Is there a part of your routine that needs a shakeup?

Do not allow the one thing that will enhance your life ten-fold to lose its sparkle, learn, nurture, protect it, keep it shining and you will shine too.

As for the Dolls house, I did not get rid of it until I was 14!!!