The day I was discharged from hospital. I hugged everyone bought them all magazines and sweets. One lady made me a bracelet and I was so grateful I cried. The nurses hugged me and said they would keep my bed for a few days as I might need to come back in. You’re supposed to leave hospital relieved but I was so upset. I went back a few days later with biscuits just to say hi.

Despite the kidney issue I looked radiant my skin was tanned, my bump was perfect and I was so excited. I started reading for a few of the mom’s at the school. They were blown away by my accuracy and we have since become good friends. I was surprised at how they accepted my gift, they didn’t question it or ask why I kept it quiet. They’ll never know how much it meant to me that they believed in my ability.

Maternity leave started and after dropping my girls at school and pre- school I would sit and watch psychic TV! I LOVED it and could pick out which of the readers were the best. My due date came and went I remember calling one of the hotlines and asked “When will my baby arrive?” To which they replied “be patient” by day nine I had lost all my pregnancy glow, it was the height of summer I was HUGE and fed up. I waddled into my check up and refused to move until they agreed to induce me the next day. My stubborn attitude worked and I was booked in for the next day.

However Lilly had other plans and decided to wake me up at 5am the next day as she was on her way. The birth was amazing, it was just perfect, we all laughed all through it…I kept one eye on the windowsills to make sure there were no spirits but I knew I was safe. She was the most beautiful baby just like her sisters. We are so lucky to have them all

Motherhood is hard though, I remember eating my breakfast the next day in bed and I spilt the milk..I literally cried for three days over this. I couldn’t stop it was ridiculous, after day one nobody was remotely interested in my blubbing but the tears kept coming. I remember asking the spirits to help me stop but I was so detached from them and this frightened me.

Where were they? Had they left me? …….