My mom said something interesting to me, “All you needed to appreciate your gift was maturity”

I was telling her about the difficult readings I had experienced recently..

A lovely lady in spirit had showed me where she had passed away, she showed me who was with her, she highlighted parts of my body that were painful for her. I could smell what she smelt, my body was her body. It was a difficult reading but the messages she bought forward were so rewarding for the client. 

I had also told her about a spirit that came forward that had been murdered. It was so awful I could see the faces of the people that had hurt this soul (I cant go into detail as I want to respect this persons privacy) I passed on the messages to their loved ones and thanked the spirit. 

Don’t get me wrong whilst these readings can be difficult, spirit know my boundaries they know what I can handle and would never show me anything too distressing. 

My mom said “how did you switch off from these readings afterwards?” In truth I went to Morrison’s and did a big food shop and then did the school run. 

I haven’t become desensitized I am just very aware that I am human and although I can connect to spirits being present on earth is also important. 

That’s when my mom said it “All you needed to appreciate your gift was maturity” and I think she is completely right. To handle the messages, the energies, the sometimes bizarre metaphors they show, you need to be mature, cleansed, balanced and level headed. 

I only got to this point from years of training, releasing, learning to protect my energy. I don’t think the maturity is an age thing its more a spiritual maturity. 

Is it worth all the work? Absolutely!!!

I love you spirit, more than you will ever know….