I meet so many people that worry they are not on the right path! They feel unfulfilled as if they are destined for better things or to simply live a  different way. I understand these people as I was one of them for so long. 


Over the years I’ve come to realise there’s no such thing as a bad decision. Whatever your meant to do you will get there in the end. Sometimes we can become so disconnected we need a HUGE universal clout to bring us back on track. That’s exactly what was happening to me with my illnesses. I thought I was being punished for something and could not comprehend why I was going through such an ordeal. Little did I know spirit and my angels were trying to show me my life had a different calling.


I knew I was missing the bigger picture but the more symptomatic to Illness I became the more disconnected I was. I missed all the signs and constantly moaned to Mr H that I didn’t have a gift, talent or speciality to offer anyone. One afternoon I was sprawled out on the sofa moaning and I received three messages from three different people enquiring about a reading. I declined all three then said out loud “I am not working for you guys anymore as you are not looking after me”
Poor spirit I bet they thought “What a diva”


I kept fighting on trying to pursue professional jobs, not one of the roles excited me but that’s what people do we go to work and we live for the weekend. I had tunnel vision and was far too disconnected to think outside the box. I remember my poor mom and dad saying “darling why don’t you just take a break for a while and get well” I of course ignored them.


All my spare time was spent researching general surgeons. The hospital/GP had dismissed my allergy concerns and had put me in no man’s medical land and I had been told to choose a general surgeon. I found this lovely man he had a kind face and I booked my appointment slot. This amazing surgeon saved me in ways he will never understand. He listened and gave me hope. That’s all I needed. He booked me in for more exploratory surgery and I was actually looking forward to it…..

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