The first time I sat in a psychic skool group they asked me was I Clairsentience, clairvoyant or clairaudient? Had I missed something who’s Clair? Did she run the group? Was I not meant to be in that group? From my blank expression they briefly explained what they meant and I instantly felt like an amateur that there was too much for me to learn & being a Spiritual worker felt like a lifetime away.

I had the exact same feeling when I studied performing arts at college. I had visions of me being in front of an audience for as long as I could remember (didn’t realise it wasn’t in the performing sense) so when I signed up for the course & the other students were quoting musicals & plays I hadn’t heard of I felt lost.

Same when I started a new office job & everything in the company was abbreviated! Why do they do that? It was like a secret language.

I had always felt like I didn’t know enough, like there was always too much to take in & would I get it? This energy is the quickest way to slow down your progression…

After years of Spirit driving me crazy I decided to just focus on connecting & Clair this, that & the other went to the back of my mind. So far back in fact that I still couldn’t tell you to this day what they mean. You see instead of trying to know everything I got to know how the gift worked for me, what my purpose was with it, what my passions are & allowed the connection to my guides to lead me forward.

When my students come to me they talk about Clair & it makes me chuckle as without saying anything I move them away from the lingo & back to what’s important which is them, their connection, their relationship with their guides & their passions.

This is where the true magic of Spirituality shines as we are all gifted, with a purpose for a variety of reasons & trying to select a category & a box to fit into isn’t serving your Spiritual soul.

So forget about Clair & focus on you! You already know you & now you get to explore your purpose & Spiritual soul on a grander level! That is why you’re gifted that is why you’re soulfully called!

I am excited for you! Excited to see how you bring your gifts forward, how you stand out from the crowd. How your guides direct you, it will be obvious when you unveil this as you will shine & sparkle from the inside out.

The world doesn’t need another Clair it needs you! And I will support you every step of the way!!!

Are you ready???