I used to feel like the luckiest child in the world, I would go up to my room and have children waiting to play with me. We’d play hide and seek, or with my Sylvanian family dolls. Like any other child I didn’t think to question how they got there I just accepted the friendship. The children would vary and I remember loving this little girls Victorian style dress with boots. I have always been into fashion and was perplexed to find I couldn’t buy her outfit in Tammy Girl.

When I visited my Nan she used to have a teddy bear called Sandy that sat on the spare bed. When I ran up to see Sandy there was a little boy waiting, I remember he was always so solemn looking so I would play the clown to make him smile. My brother would never go in that room.

As I grew older I was aware nobody else could see these children, my mom had played along and made them drinks. Laughed when I told her the silly things they’d done, she simply thought they were imaginary friends

Then one day I grew frightened something just felt weird and one of the children had a cloudy white outline around them I asked them “Who are you? Why are you here?” they wouldn’t answer and I remember falling to my knees crying. The poor spirit children must have felt sad too as they just wanted to play and probably couldn’t understand how they got there. That was the last time they visited my room.

It was that moment there where my fear began, I started to collect everything Holy and my bedroom started to resemble a church. I would scream and cry most nights for my parents to come. I would sleep with my Walkman on full blast to drown out the voices (how I don’t have tinnitus I’ll never know). Nobody could give me any answers and obviously I was too young to be told I was a psychic.

This proves to me we have free will, I put up the blocks to seeing them. However I hadn’t closed off my ability to absorb human emotions around me or from spirit hanging around waiting for me to embrace who I really am. That my darlings took 15 years!!!

So why don’t we have adult spirit friends? We kinda do as in our guardian angels and if you have a gift your spirit guide will be your friend. Is it possible now that us psychics could call upon spirits to come talk, sit or hang out with us? Yes of course, would we though? Personally no. I speak to them all the time and I think it’s important when you are not communicating to go be a human and see your physical friends and family.

Am I scared of spirit? No they were people once just like you now, they only want to check in on their loved ones. Children in spirit are like earth children they want to play.

Neither spirit or us humans have anything to be frightened of, we all bring love and I’m a firm believer we can never receive too much love…..