This is all I have heard lately, but here’s something for you to think about, what would life look like if you had no blocks? No limitations? Spirit don’t put blocks in your way its, something us humans have created as we don’t think we can have what we really truly desire.

In some cases I have seen people magnetise and create blocks as a safety blanket, they genuinely feel that’s the reason they can’t move forward.

Your job here on earth is not to create reasons why you can’t have what you want, your tasks are as follows (can you tell bossy spirit have taken over)

1. Identify what you really want in life
2. Feel excited about it being yours
3. Be clear and ready to receive

How to be clear and ready to receive is the biggest stumbling block for spirit, imagine trying to unlock a door with the wrong key. That’s what they experience every time you create another block.

There are many ways to become a clear container to receive at the highest level, my true understanding of this came when my body started to reject gluten, I was swelling, feeling so unwell, rushing to the toilet. Surely you can’t suddenly reject something you have always consumed? Then I became intolerant to lactose, then certain alcoholic drinks. It didn’t stop there on the numerous visits to hospital I had so many reactions to medicine they had to pop two allergy bands around my wrist. It became a joke “what aren’t you allergic to” people would say.

Without being aware my body was preparing to be as cleansed as possible to receive messages so freely and clearly. It had never occurred to me that part of cleansing and being clear is linked to what you put into your body.

Let me be clear, Spirit are not advising you start eating gluten free or refusing medicine but to simply be aware of what you are consuming that might not be agreeing with you. Is your body calling out for more water? Do you feel so much happier when you eat something in particular?

The blocks we create are emotional so rather than focusing solely on how to squash those emotions and give yourself a hard time. Focus on trying to feel cleansed refreshed and happier. When you are in this state of mind you are far more productive and can knock down those “blocks” quicker than spirit can find the key.

So this blog is possibly the only blog out there to give you home work, are you ready?

1. Identify what you really want in life
2. Feel excited about it being yours
3. Identify what you are consuming that makes you feel off
4. Consume more of what makes you feel great
5. Share with me

Spirit are ready and jingle jangling their keys, lets help them out….