My success has been predicted by psychics, when I was one years old my mom went to visit a medium. She said your children are very special and one of them will have their name appear in spotlights! Truth is my brother is very successful and works in the media industry. His name often appears on the credits at the end of the programmes. We all thought it must be him.

Over the years I have received messages from various mediums. They all said I will be on stage and TV, but I would take the hard path. I knew this myself, spirit have been telling me for years.

My Irish Nan (who most definitely had a gift) would always say “You have the third eye!! The gift in you is so strong!! That beautiful face of yours will be your fortune” obviously I paid no attention as my Nan was biased. My other nanny would call me different, a dolly daydreamer. Little did she know I wasn’t daydreaming I was chatting to spirit. My granddad’s would say I was meant for great things.

Every Saturday my parents would go to work, so I would spend the day with my grandparents. We would often go and visit my Nan’s sister, she was such a funny lady she really made me chuckle. Her glasses made her look like Dame Edna. Her husband was really unwell, he had to sleep downstairs and was hooked up to ventilators. He had been like this for many years. I would sit in the room and listen to my Walkman watching him try to breathe. On this one occasion I felt his lungs, they were heavy like I was lifting bricks with every breath. I was tired and felt ready to close my eyes and pass on. That night I told my mom he wouldn’t be here much longer and I felt his pain. Unfortunately I was right.

I didn’t enjoy being right about these things, I thought having a gift meant I would be the bearer of bad news. I would know when things were about to happen and that was an enormous responsibility that I couldn’t deal with. I think this is what spirit meant by saying I would take the difficult path to success. I had to learn slowly and in my own time that I was in charge of the messages, when I spoke to them, when I wanted a break.

I always say to people, it doesn’t matter how long your journey in life takes, whether you succeed quickly or slowly. It’s important to pay attention to the messages and experiences you have along the way.

Divine timing is everything 💓