I have been able to connect with spirit since I was a child. My parents would often find me "chatting" to the lady that used to live in our house.


I would play with my spirit friends in my room and wasn't aware nobody else could see or hear them.


Unfortunately as I grew older the filters of life stepped in the way and I ignored the spirit world. I embarked on a "normal" path and soon realised I was meant for greater things.


After spending years training in spiritual churches, reading books, attending psychic events. I started to read for individuals and was met with shocked faces.

I spent years hiding my gift through fear of how I would be accepted by society and plagued by self doubt. I finally plucked up the courage to share my gift publicly in 2017.


Since October 2017, I have hosted live audience events, been featured in a number one best selling book, magazines, have read for celebrities, featured in the newspaper, have clients globally and have created bespoke spiritual business coaching packages.


I often get asked how do I live a normal life? Do spirit talk to me all the time? I have learned to control my gift and use various methods and techniques to close off and take time out for day to day life.


I’m a mom to three girls and have my gorgeous hubby Mr H, I love to shop, socialise and visit the gym.


I come with a good heart and geuninely want to bring peace and love to the world. If any of my work helps just one person this fills me with love and joy.




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