Psychic Development Group



The group will commence online every Sunday evening from 8.30pm for 60 minutes for five weeks.


Starting Sunday 20th May 2018

The group is suitable for:

* Those that have a gift and would like to explore in a safe environment.
* Healers
* Reiki masters
* Those that have a huge interest in the spirit world.

What will you gain:

* You will learn how to meditate
* How to connect to energies
* The power of crystals
* How to break down messages
* The different types of connections
* How to close off – HUGELY IMPORTANT

By the end of the beginner course you will have a greater understanding of the spirit world and will be connecting and aligning your own ability.



The spirit world should be greatly respected, I will be holding interviews with those interested in taking part. It’s hugely important you complete the full course and participate EVERY week.

The cost of the course is £300 secure your place here

Please note the closing date will be 14th May 2018

I look forward to welcoming you all…

Big loves and hugs