Angel Connection Course

We walk around in life often feeling disconnected, wondering why things aren’t quite working out for us, worrying we are missing the signs from spirit. Questioning whether we are on the right path, paralysed with fear about making a decision.


What if there was a way we could feel protected? Loved? Safe? Guided? Nurtured?


Well there is, you will never have to worry about feeling alone again, you can feel protected and confident with your next move.


What is it I’m talking about I hear you say……Well…Connecting to your guardian angels of course.


We all have guardian angels they are with us from birth and their sole purpose is to look after us and guide us on our journey.


With the filters of life we can sometimes become disconnected to what we want  and where we should be going and this can often leave our angels confused with how to help us.


By connecting to them you strengthen the energy fields and become clearer on what is important to you . your angels feel closer to you and by you allowing them permission to help you they can support in the best possible way.


I have created an online video course to help you connect to your guardian angels.

Over the course of six short videos you will receive top tips and tools to connect to your guardian angels.


Feel the delicious love and support and bathe in that love.


You will receive PDF support documents with your videos in your inbox.

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Angel Connection Course Love:

I was a bit nervous of writing this in case people thought I was a bit mad. On Saturday I lit a candle, and did the meditation. I then wrote my angel a letter of what I was asking for (I have a job interview tomorrow and want them to guide me to success through it as I really want it) I thanked them for what I was grateful of and what they have done so far for me. After that I did step 3 and spoke out loud to them. I asked if they heard me and if they did please could you make the candle flicker brightly, within a second the candle shot up and flickered repeatedly. I knew then they heard me. I’m enjoying connecting and hopefully then listening to me

Helen UK

I've followed Katie over time but this called to me as I'm discovering my spiritual side more. Wow! The course has helped me so much with connecting with my angels, I've always been able to especially when younger but needed that clarification and now I'm seeing signs already after talking with them I saw two white butterflies which I asked for. I do the meditations frequently and each time the connection I feel gets stronger and we haven't even finished yet! Can't thank you enough

Faye UK

I love the course thank you so much Katie, I’ve actually been doing quite a lot of the things you say in your videos before but didn’t realise this is how you connect or even why I was doing it. It’s always been something I have done and the course has confirmed my feelings, I have always seen white feathers, white butterfly’s, robins, I sit and talk and look at the sky and see hearts, angels, in the clouds, I see the stars shining & twinkle at night, I have felt the Angels around me when I have called for help. The course has reaffirmed what I have always sensed & felt my love & connection to the Angels 

Veronica UK